Date: Fri 19 Jan 2018

5 Reasons to visit Menorca

A small slice of paradise.

Over the years this small island has been coveted and desired by a multitude of nations and individuals because of its strategic position in the Mediterranean, midway between Algiers and France, Menorca was Muslim, Greek, Roman, English, French and Spanish. In constant need for defence and protection, today many imposing fortresses remain, such as La Mola Fortress of Isabel II, Fort Marlborough, the Castle of Santa Águeda, or the ruins of Castle San Felipe, considered the largest fortification of Europe during the 18th century.

Awaiting you on the island is a range of dunes, cliffs, lunar landscapes, S’Albufera des Grau Natural Park, the countryside, forests, small islands, towns, ports, gastronomy, architecture…Menorca is the smallest and calmest of the Balearic islands, but has a big personality and a lot to offer.

Here are 5 reasons to visit Menorca in 2018:

1. Port Mahon

The largest natural harbour in Europe (second in the world after Pearl Harbour) it runs between terraces, palm trees and craft shops. You have five kilometres to find your favourite spot and fill it with memories, not only during the day while you bathe in the sunshine or take a tour by boat, but also by night, when the area completely changes with a great variety of places to eat, drink and relax.

2. White sand coves

It will seem like a dream to discover the tranquillity in the air you breathe in these small coves. The beautiful turquoise waters, the glistening sand and the fragrance emanating from the pine trees are the main reasons the island has some of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean. You can’t miss the opportunity to discover Macarella, Macarelleta, Mitjana or Turqueta to name a few.

3. Sailing

It’s true that Menorca is best enjoyed by the sea, but if you don’t have a sailing boat and don’t want to book a group trip, you can always rent a kayak and enjoy this unforgettable experience more privately and in your own time. This way you won’t miss a single cove and will be able to admire the real beauty of the island’s coastline whilst contemplating the scenery like Pont D’en Gill, a breath-taking natural bridge.

4. Ciutadella

Set on the western end of Menorca, this city used to be the capital of culture and commerce. The old medieval spirit still remains; Ciutadella is a place with classic tiled floors, gorgeous trees, craft shops and remarkable manor houses. Lose the sense of time and spend an afternoon exploring.

5. The Camí de Cavalls

The Camí de Cavalls is a trail of 186 kilometres in length that runs along the coast surrounding the island. It is divided into twenty stages that can be done in one stretch or divided up to be enjoyed at your own pace. These paths provide a very distinctive flora and fauna which differs from the rest of what can be found on the island. The origin of the Camí de Cavalls dates back to the 14th century when it was created as a mechanism of defence against enemy invasions, using horses to travel through it. In the year 2000 it was reopened as a public road and now allows tourists and locals alike to enjoy the Menorcan coastline by foot.

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